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Monday, March 25, 2013


Beth Graham, Daniela Vlaskalic &Charlie Tomlinson
Jessica Bashline

Bina Sharif

The Drowning Girls is based on a true story.  An Edwardian hustler named George Joseph Smith
ends up marrying three different wives (Bessie, Alice and Margaret ) and they all die by drowning mysteriously in their bath tubs. (Actually at the hands of their husband )

My very first Impression as I walked in was Breathtaking.  Three old style bath tubs with water sprinkling from the showers and three beautiful white bridal gowns hanging near each bath tub.
The set was absolutely pure and soothing and comforting while we already knew that we are going
to watch very sad events about three young wives. It was absolutely haunting in a beautifully
sensuous way especially for me.  I love the melodious sound the water creates when it falls on any surface.  The sound of the rain in any play will get me dreaming of the monsoon season and I was still aware that I am here not to watch a party in a rain forest but a heart wrenching story of three young lives destroyed by their own awful husband. And one more thing before I proceed was a stunning effect of the boiling hot water being poured in the bath tubs by a stage hand creating clouds of steam...
another Image of comfort and bliss which comes from going to a bath house in Tunis...
And  simple and impressive visual effect (Like a painting) created without any boring digital effects was by Daryl Embry..

At the very beginning of the play we see three young, beautiful women enter in their underwear's and
get into the bathtubs splashing water everywhere and gasping and some time even giggling.
They get out soaking wet and one by one wear their wedding gowns and starts to recount the story of
their very short encounters with  their murderous husband. All three actresses play many different roles including the role of George Joseph Smith. They recount how they met him, in one case at a park bench, how he charmed them, how he was after their inheritance and how fast the women fell in love with him and married him without ever paying any attention to the concerns of their loved ones.

The whole play has a beautifully haunting atmosphere created by dim, dark, golden light designed by
Michelle Tobias and is accompanied with original music composed by Jeff McSpadden.

Three wives are played by Kate Danson (Bessie) Marissa Porto (Alice ) and Nancy Rodriguez
(Margaret )

All Three actresses are brilliant.  They were good and sustained their characters throughout
the play (Rather short ) They touched me so much that I was constantly worried about them
 being well and warm besides the fact that it was impossible because they were all soaking wet all along
but they never gave a hint of being discomforted by the hazards of their craft.
I particularly liked Marissa Porto (Alice) in one of the scenes where she brings George to meet her mother and father and is having a heart wrenching scene with Nancy Rodrigues now playing
Alice's mother and begging with her daughter Alice to change her mind but Alice storms out
on the way to her tragedy and the mother tells us that she never saw Alice again.
Both Marissa and Nancy just broke my heart with that scene.

Jessica Bashline who is also the Artistic Director of Strange Sun Theater did a great job combining all
the best elements and talent for her show.
Its just the most beautiful show I have seen in a while...What else  can I say?

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